Maintenance Tips for a Commercial Refrigeration Unit

16 August 2016
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Your restaurant or diner or even a retail store that sells chilled items will need a commercial refrigeration unit, not just a large unit meant for residential homes. This will ensure that fresh food items are kept safe in an antibacterial setting and allow for easy access to items by your customers. This type of unit is usually more expensive than a residential refrigerator, so it's important to regularly employ refrigeration service maintenance. Read More 

Fire Blanket: What It Is and Why It Is Essential for Every Kitchen

11 April 2016
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The scariest thing about fire is the unpredictability with which it occurs. One minute you are in the kitchen cooking your favourite dishes, and the next you are running all over the place and after a fire incident. Kitchens are prone to fire accidents because that is where meals are prepared. Any of the appliances in the kitchen can easily start a small fire if there is spillage of cooking oils or fats. Read More 

Reverse-cycle air conditioning problems: when you can resolve them, and when to call in the pros

7 April 2016
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There are few things more annoying than a breakdown in your air conditioning system in the heart of summer. It also happens that during these times, HVAC contractors' lines are jammed with repair requests, meaning that it could be a while before a technician can get to you. If you have a good maintenance plan going, a breakdown is often a small matter you can resolve yourself. If not, however, you could be looking at a major fault which can only be fixed by the professionals. Read More 

Air Conditioner Terms: What Do They Mean?

31 March 2016
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When you're talking to air conditioner maintenance technicians or looking on their websites, you'll probably hear and see terms that you're not familiar with. Don't let that you put you off researching the subject, as knowledge about these items is important when you're purchasing new cooling equipment, requesting repairs or scheduling regular maintenance. Filters: These devices help to remove allergens, contaminants, pollutants, and other particles from the cooled air before it reaches your living spaces. Read More 

Reasons to Upgrade to Electronic Taps

30 March 2016
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Electronic taps operate via a sensor that has been installed beneath the tapware. If there is something obstructing the sensor, the tap turns on. Once the obstruction is removed, the water automatically shuts off. You can choose to have these taps directly wired into your home's electrical supply or to have them run on replaceable batteries. The taps come in a range of designs as well as finishes, so you can rest assured that you can get electronic tapware to suit any room of your home. Read More