3 Few Important Factors to Think About When Buying a Commercial Refrigerator

30 June 2015
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The commercial refrigerator that you keep for your food service establishment is a major investment, and also a very important part of your kitchen. When you're in the market for a new commercial refrigerator, you need to carefully consider every detail. You want the refrigerator to work for your business for years to come, and ensure that it's workable for your kitchen space.

Note a few important factors to think about when buying a commercial refrigerator, and which many restaurant owners often overlook:

1. Inside versus outside size

Typically a commercial refrigerator will have two dimensions listed; the outside footprint of the unit, and the inside storage capacity. Be sure you note both when choosing a commercial refrigerator, as the outside dimensions need to fit through doorways of your business and fit into your kitchen without getting in the way of foot traffic. Don't confuse the outside dimensions with the inside storage space, as inside drawers, shelves, and other such features will affect the actual storage space offered inside the unit.

2. Door configuration

Commercial refrigerators usually have one, two, or three doors. You need to note the depth of the doors when opened so you know if a wider door will fit your kitchen. If it's too deep when opened, you need a unit with two or three doors. You also need to think about how a wider door will affect foot traffic when opened, and if there is extra clearance needed for it to open completely; if you put the unit flush against a wall, the door may not open enough for you to have easy access inside the unit.

3. Warranty and service contracts

You may think that it goes without saying that you want a commercial refrigerator with a warranty, but note the length of the warranty and what is covered, including minor parts that may easily break in a busy commercial kitchen. Also note if there is a service contract offered. Remember that if your commercial refrigerator breaks down, you lose your inventory inside and may also lose business if you cannot keep fresh food on hand for your menu.

Your commercial refrigerator is not like your home refrigerator, which may only cause a minor inconvenience when it shuts down. If your commercial unit breaks, you could easily lose income from your business. A service contract that includes a replacement unit, free service calls, and other such features can mean minimal interruption of your business when the refrigerator breaks, so look for this when choosing a new unit.

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